Strategic communication

  • Sector analysis.
  • Institutional and corporate analysis.
  • Digital strategy for the expected positioning.
  • Digital Business Plan.

Design and creativity

  • Coordinated image and logo design.
  • Photography and digital graphics.
  • Front-end and back-end design.
  • Mobile and web interface.

Mobile applications

  • iOS, Android, Windows Mobile App and Web App.
  • Public utility services.
  • Territorial and cultural communication.
  • Participation, sharing and voting policies.

Information technology

  • System integration.
  • Applications and basic software.
  • LAN and WAN design and management.
  • Upgrade and routine maintenance.

Digital contents

  • Information architectures and functions.
  • Planning and development of multimedia formats.
  • Copywriting and multimedia.
  • Social and e-marketing.

Web-based solutions

  • Database and storage systems.
  • Application of dynamic content management.
  • Management systems for corporate processes.
  • Internet portals and e-business.